What a week... just thought I'd share some thoughts...

Oct 11, 2013 -- 11:49am

My "new" life in Myrtle Beach has been quite the ride... It is quite beautiful and fun... and adventurous...

Here's what I did last week...


Bike week rumbled into town last week, but I personally got caught up in LOUD PIPE FEVER on Thursday afternoon when I hopped on the Poker Bike Run which benefitted the Georgetown Fire Relief Fund.  I really didn't mean to get on that bike run, especially without a helmet, but I go swept up when Bill Barber of SBB pulled up on a friend's bike and asked if I wanted to go... (he wasn't planning on going either).  Well, 100 miles and 6 hours later, I was scraping bugs off my teeth and walking funny.  The speedway laps were the best and the most frightening... I will say that will  be my very last time on a bike since many rational people around me that love me asked "ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?!?" after the run.    Yeah, I think I was temporarily insane.  SORRY to all my loved ones I scared!

IN THE PINK Breast Cancer Awareness Walk:

I walked with over 1,000 people wearing pink for two miles on the Marsh Walk in Murrell's Inlet to help the Georgetown Hospital System raise money to help those who can't afford a mammogram and cancer treatment.  A great cause and a great effort by GHS to make it such a success.  The survivor's celebration was moving as was meeting those that were walking for loved ones lost.  Cancer effects us all ... unfortunately.


WOW!  Did that bring back memories!  I remember Marilyn McCoo back when she was the host of the TV show SOLID GOLD.  She was beautiful then and beautiful last Saturday night!  She's 70 years old and she looked and moved like she was 30 years younger than that.  It was such a treat to see her and Billy Davis, Jr... hear them sing all their biggest hits (to which I know every word) and listen to them talk about their 44 years of marriage through music!  They packed the house at the Reserve Golf Club for the Pawley's Island Music and Art Festival.  What a venue... and perfect weather, too!


One of our own at Next Media has been fighting a strong fight against cancer so last Sunday we banded together to help raise funds for him as he embarks on a clinical trial this week.  Phil is a young man and a father... and obviously has many friends!  We raised $5,000 for him and hopefully we raised up his spirits by letting him know how much we care about him.


Right after Monday's show... I was off to NOWHERE!!!  That's right!  I was supposed to be on a 2 pm flight out of Myrtle to NY... but it turned into a 5:30 PM flight!  UGH!  I hate to wait!  Well, finally we arrived in NY with plans for dinner with family blown up.  My daughter and I were so tired, we went straight to bed in order to get enough rest for her Confirmation and subsequent party.  For those of you that don't know what a Confirmation is in the Catholic religion, it's the final sacrament of initation into the Catholic church.  After Baptism, Reconcilliation, First Holy Communion... and years of religious education... you received your Confirmation which makes you a full-fledged member of the Catholic Church.  It was great seeing my old friends from NY.... seeing my religious ed students ( I taught 18 kids since they were in 1st grade) and, of course, my family.  Then OFF TO NOWHERE again!!!  That's right!  My 6:30 pm flight turned into an 8:30 pm flight... but that's OK... We eventually got home safe and sound!

I'm looking forward to all the fun ahead this weekend ... and to "seeing" you on the air... 

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