who's to blame?

Oct 09, 2013 -- 11:24am

One of my favorite rock and roll quotes comes from Dire Straits, I think the song is Solid Rock...."when you point your finger cuz your deal fell through, you've got 3 more fingers pointing back at you..."      To me, that's what's happening in DC right now.     Everyone's pointing fingers...everyone's blaming the other side and nobody's taking responsibility for the 18th government shutdown since 1977.    If you've heard me on the air, I do point the finger at the Republicans for starting this latest mess.     They knew that making the Affordable Care Act a part of the government funding bill (the CR)was going to be a deal-breaker.    If for no other reason than the CR and the ACA have nothing to do with one another...they're totally separate.     So when the GOP says the Dems won't negotiate on Obamacare....well, duh...it's not part of the government funding bill anyway.   Drives me crazy!      Now, the talk is starting to shift towards next weeks debt-ceiling.     The GOP is saying the Dems need to negotiate about where were can cut the budget....not including Obamacare.   In my mind, that's reasonable.    Nancy Pelosi was quoted the other day saying that there are no more cuts to be made ANYWHERE in the budget...I think her quote was "the cupboard is bare".     Really?     We see how many millions and billions are spent on programs outside of this country or even within our borders that quite of few of us would look at as being nonessential.    Believe me, the cupboard isn't bare.        The problem is, we have 2 sides that have proven through the years that can't get along and can't compromise.   in 2011, they came up with the heralded 'super-committee' made up of both sides...looking at the budget page by page to see where cuts culd be made.      After weeks of poring through the budget, they came up emty handed...they couldn't agree on anything....NOT ONE THING.   Why should we think that they're going to have any more success this time....in under a week?      The only people who lose are the American people....and hopefully some congressmen and senators who may lose some seats.

So, as we continue in our 18th shutdown, if we get one more, we can quote another rock band, the Stones..."here's comes your 19th government shutdown...."     Let's hope it doesn't come for a while...if this one ever ends.

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