"I'm Steve Porter, NBC Radio News....."

Sep 29, 2013 -- 7:40pm

     It was my freshman year of high school (1975) when I landed my first radio job. I was responsible for running pre-recorded Sunday morning religious programs on reel-to-reel tapes and vinyl records, playing the commercials where they were scheduled to run, and making SURE that I hit the live NBC Radio News broadcast exactly at the top of each hour.  And more times than not, when I would flip the switch and turn up the volume control for the NBC News channel on our control board, the first words I would hear would be " NBC Radio News, I'm Steve Porter".  And the last words I would anxiously await to hear (which would signal me to re-enter local programming) would be, "I'm Steve Porter, NBC Radio News".  I told Steve this story on the air one day a few years ago when I was filling in for Dave Priest while he was on vacation.  He chuckled,  then said in that  authoritative Steve Porter style, "Ah, yes, Pat. I remember those days. Working around the clock, paying my dues, making sure to follow the NBC pronounciation guide to a tee".  It was an honor to work with Steve on the days when Dave went on vacation.  He was  always very nice, complimentary, and encouraging towards me every time we worked together.  Although I didn't get many chances to work with him in person,in reality we worked together alot back in 1975; when a little high school knucklehead who was learning the radio biz would listen to the NBC News every hour and dream about being that guy with the awesome voice doing the national news.  Rest In Peace, Steve. 

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