Three Cheers For Below Three Dollar Gas !!!

Sep 23, 2013 -- 7:01am

I was driving last night with my wife past the Wilco-Hess station on 544 near Wal-Mart when my wife exlcaims with glee, "LOOK! Gas is $2.98 !"  Yes, it is true. Gas is dropping below the 3 dollar mark at many of the Grand Strand gas stations.  This give us all reason to cheer and be grateful for the relief (albeit temporary) on our pocketbook. How long it will last, and how much it will jump up when it does go up, remains to be seen. But, considering that fact that I was paying 76 cents per gallon at a station in Louisville, KY on September 10th, 2001, am I really supposed to be applauding the fact that I am only paying FOUR times more for a gallon of gas than I was pre-911 ? Hmmmmm.......

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