shake it up

Sep 09, 2013 -- 12:37pm

I don't know Isaac Bailey personally. I know we've talked a couple of times, but if we passed in the mall, chances are we'd pass in the mall...without missing a beat. If you don't know the name, Isaac has been the main columnist at the Sun News of Myrtle Beach for several years now. I like to read his articles because they are thought-provoking and tend to shake things up without meaning to be overtly in-your-face. Isaac is black and many of his columns deal with race relations, the treatment of minorities, use of 'the N-word' and more. It's good to see articles from his point-of-view, rather than to hear a white-boy like me tell other white-folk that this is wrong or this is right. But judging from the comments he gets from a majority of his articles, there seems to be a lot of people in this neck of the woods that don't like what he has to say and aren't shy about their retorts....under the anonimity of the internet, of course. On the anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech, surveys showed that the 40% of the white community felt that we still have a way to go with race relations...while upwards of 80 percent of the black community felt the same way. That's probably why when Isaac would spell out a problem he'd get vitriolic responses from readers, telling him how wrong he is. It seems like common sense to me, that if you want to see if things are fairer than they used to be, you would ask the group that had been discriminated against to get a feel for how things are now. If nothing else, I liked that fact that he would make people think and shake things up. Hopefully, the readers that had an open mind would at least give a little thought to what he had to say and consider it.

The reason I'm talking about Isaac in the past tense, is because he's currently at Harvard, doing a 1-year fellowship of some kind...very prestigious. When it's over, I'm assuming he'll be back at the Sun News....but in the meantime, I hope someone surfaces to keep people on their toes and shaken up just a little bit. I think we can all use it.


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