...from the Appalachian Trail to the campaign trail

Feb 19, 2013 -- 10:59am

Mark Sanford.     3 term congressman...2 term governor...one-time being mentioned as a possible presidential candidate.   That all changed when he found his Argentine soul-mate...you know the story.     But just when you thought Mark would turn into a trivia answer, he has returned with a vengeance, running once again for the same 1st US congressional seat that he held 20 years ago.       The Grand Strand is no longer in this district, so we'll have to watch the race from afar, but the question will be: will voters in the LowCountry be able to forget 'the affair' and vote for Sanford once again, or will it keep them from putting him back in an office that propelled him to prominance in the first place?      The US political landscape is littered with similar stories of men falling from grace, asking for forgiveness and then winning re-election...so why should this be any different?      Sanford's opponants will most likely sling mud in his direction, as least indirectly, hoping that some of it sticks.   It all depends on whether or not the voters believe his apologies and want to give him a second chance in next month's Republican primary.    Here's his campaign ad.....is this enough of an apology?     You decide.


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