If Summer's gone does that mean the time is wrong for Dancin' in the Streets?

Sep 06, 2013 -- 10:46am

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but this has been a time of transition on WRNN's morning show.   If you haven't been listening in the past few days, we said goodbye to Kristine, who went back into TV at the Fox station in Charlotte and said hello to our new co-host, Liz Callaway.     Liz is settling in just fine despite the fact that Pat and I apparently drive off all the female co-hosts we get.    We'll try not to, this time.       I know a lot of you expect whoever is in Liz's chair to take me on from time to time...whenever I start leaning to much to the left...to give the more conservative viewpoint, politically or socially.    I can't speak for Liz, but the only thing we ask of everyone on the morning show is to be true to yourself, your feelings, thoughts and ideals.      So if...and probably when...Liz disagrees with what I have to say, I have no doubt that that she'll stand up for what's in her heart...and if our listeners have their way, she'll leave me a broken man.

Developing a chemistry usually takes time between 2 new hosts and especially with 3, like we have here.   However, in the short period of time we've had Liz on with us, it seems like she's been here for a long time already....it already feels confortable.         We hope you like the new pairing on the Hot Talk morning show.

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