Person Killed On Moped And Hit & Run Driver May Have Something In Common....

Aug 19, 2013 -- 7:49am

Perhaps the man who was killed late Friday night by a Hit & Run driver on 501 North may have something in common.  Odds are that the driver of the Nissan SUV who struck & killed a Mullens man was driving drunk.  And, although I am not sure, there is a chance that the reason a man was driving a moped on outbound 501 at 3 in the morning was because he had lost his license to a DUI charge. Maybe not. But with the increasing amount of people on the Grand Strand driving "liquorcycles" because they lost their licenses due to DUI charges, we may continue to hear stories of "car versus moped".  And most of those will not turn out good for the moped drivers.  Keep your eyes open, because the moped driving on our highways and byways trend is going to continue to increase.

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