Ch-ch-ch-Changes...part 3...Question everything

Aug 05, 2013 -- 11:10am

My last 2 blog posts had to do with how attitudes change over time...and what the current generation my think is fine and dandy, future generations may look back and say, "...what were they thinking?"     Just because something has always been done a certain way or it's never been considered offensive before doesn't mean it's the best way or it's not offensive.     It also doesn't mean that just because one person complains that the complaint isn't valid.     ESPN just aired a special a couple of weeks ago about women reporters gaining access to men's locker room.    It was their contention that they couldn't do their jobs because they weren't allowed access like male reporters had.   And they were right!      The athletes weren't thrilled about this because it made them change their routines....they had to wear towels.    Yeah, I know...that seems like an awful big sacrifice to me, too, but they fought it tooth and nail and eventually won the right to cover sports the same way men do.     But again, this was a situation where things have always been done one way, and changing those ways was upsetting the apple cart, even though the vehicle for those changes was something as simple as wearing a towel.      And before you ask, male reporters are allowed inside the locker rooms of women's proefessional sports, so there is NO double standard.     

I've been program director of a few radio stations over the years, and when I come into a new situation, I always follow the rule....Question Everything.      People who have been in place for a while always get very comfortable with the way things are and don't want to change, because change makes waves.     So, when I come into that situation a a new hire, I always ask why something is a done a certain way.    If the anwer is....I don't know, it's always been done that way....I know it's time to take a good long look at it and probably change it.     Some things work year after year and don't need changing, but most things that stay in place for years are only kept that way because change means more work and trying to get used to something different.

Humans don't like change.  It upsets your routine and makes most people uncomfortable.     However, in most cases, change is inevitable, so when you see change happening, it's usually better to embrace it rather than fight it.       And if you can't embrace it, work towards accepting it.     

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