times have changed along with attitudes

Jul 26, 2013 -- 12:20pm

It was 35 years ago this month, that, when this event happened, some saw it as an abomination.     It was breaking the laws of nature.     It was akin to the work of Doctor Frankenstein.   It was playing God.      What was this horrendous event that happened on July 25, 1978.     A baby girl was born in Great Britain.      It wasn't just any baby girl, it was Louise Brown, the world's first test-tube baby, as it was called back then.      Louise's mother had blocked fallopian tubes, so her doctors were able to fertilize one of her eggs, implant it in her womb and 9 months later....Louise!       In her 35 years, despite all the hoopla her birth caused, Louise Brown has led a mostly unremarkable life and is currently pregnant with her second child...conceived naturally if you're wondering...and I know you were.       She's not a monster.  Her birth didn't cause to stop spinning on its axis.     Doctors aren't abusing this new knowledge (unless you count the OctoMom).      So what was all the fuss about?     Well, it was new...it went against nature, so that meant it went against God's will.    So a purely scientific endeavor, meant to help countless infertile couples experience the joys of parenthood, turned into a religious arguement.     It's true, since the first IVF birth, it's been used for several 'non-traditional' births...for single mothers, surrogate moms, same-sex couples, even women carrying and giving birth to their own grandchildren.     I'm sure some of those scenarios is what was keeping the anti-IVF crowd awake at night back in the day, but by-and-large, it's turned into a pretty run-of-the-mill procedure that nobody bats an eye at anymore.     It's another one of those issues that makes me think about the past-present and future.     Back in 1978, the generation in charge thought that they were the most intellectually and scientifically advanced culture to ever grace this planet.   They were right.     But, looking back, we wonder why so many people had a problem with something that is now just a normal part of our society today.    We also wonder about the leisure suits they were wearing in 1978, but that's another blog.      Of course, today, we are the most intellectually and scientifically advanced culture to ever grace the planet...but 35 years from now, our kids and grandkids will look back at some of our ideas, laws, actions and in-actions and think were were part of the Stone Age.   Before closing your mind to something that's new, different, never been done before, or goes against the grain, look at that issue with the mind of today's children....not a childish mind.

By the way, since Louise Brown entered this world more than 5 million children have been conceived through IVF.       Happy Bithday Louise!

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