my take on Zimmerman / Trayvon....

Jul 17, 2013 -- 12:27pm

I'm not going to reveal any earth-shattering views on the the George Zimmerman trial and verdict, but I did want to comment on how the nation has acted since Zimmerman was found not guilty.     It shows that despite what people say, there is still a pretty big racial divide in the United States.   We may be a melting pot, but it's obvious that there is still a white America and a black America.    White America seems to be unable to admit that Zimmerman initiated the whole situation by leaving his car and confronting Martin.   Black America seems to be unable to admit that Zimmerman didn't kill Trayvon because of the color of his skin...he could have been white or Hispanic and it still might have turned out the same.        The problem is, since these 2 are from 2 different races, everybody wants to make it about race.   The jury says they didn't feel race was a part of the shooting.   George Zimmerman's family is full of bi-racial couples.    If the shooting would have been between 2 people of the same race, the majority of the country would never of heard of it and it would have turned into a routine case of whether or not the Florida 'Stand your Ground' law applies here.   Zimmerman still would have had to prove that he was defending himself, and probably the jury would have found him innocent because of the lack of definitive evidence....just like this time.      

There have been hundreds of vigils, rallies and protests in the few days since the verdict.    The media has been waiting for the protests to explode into mass violence and destruction, but except for a very few incidents, the rallies have been mainly peaceful.      So, my hats off to those who disagree with the verdict on your restraint....showing your displeasure, but showing it in a onstructive way.      My message to the 2 sides:     Black all white folks are not going to be thinking that can shoot you and get away with it.     White America....not every black guy walking down the street is plotting to rip you off or do you bodily harm.      The fact that anyone needs to remind you of those facts is disturbing.    The fact that anyone needs to remind of those facts is indicative that we still have a looooooong way to go as far as race relation are concerned.       

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