Independence Day isn't over yet

Jul 09, 2013 -- 12:37pm

Okay, I know Independence Day was last week, but here's my pitch to make every day Independence Day.   I want you to declare your independence from being told how to think and marching lock-step with other people around you, just because you share the same political affiliation.    Now, you're probably saying, "Dave, I already think for myself, it just so happens that lots of other people think the same way I do."    That's possible, and for some issues, very likely.      However, there are too many people - on both sides of the political aisle - that wait for someone they tend to follow to make a statement or have a reaction to an event...and then all of the sudden - Boom - you have an opinion too.      Think for yourselves!     I've heard talk show hosts talk down about poeple who consider themselves to be Independents...saying that they obviously don't have the guts or brains to make a choice and be Liberal or Conservative.   I say it actually makes you use your brain more if you remain independent because you have to look at every arguement...every issue...every situation and decide for yourself whether or not it make sense to you based on its own merits...not whether or not the people you follow politically like it or loathe it.        Think for yourselves!     Declare your independence from the group.      It takes guts...but I have faith in you.

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