Weekly wages in the dumper again

Jul 01, 2013 -- 12:21pm

Every 3 months, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases their report on the 320+ largest counties in the United States, and what the average weekly wage is for all of those counties.     The new report came out at the end of last week, and for the 16th quarter in a row....that's 4 years to you and me....Horry County workers enjoy the lowest weekly wage in the nation.      And it's not even close.      According to the numbers, we make an average of $576 a week.     Out of 329 counties, Horry County is the only one under $600, although a couple of counties on the Texas/Mexico border are just over $600.        By comparision, Santa Clara, CA workers bring homean average of $1906 a week.      That's almost 4 times what we make in Horry County.        Of course, the cost of living here is so much less than it is in Santa Clara or New York and you don't need as much to live...but why can't we have more?     Is it because a majority of jobs here are service industry-related?      Sure...when a waitress make just over $2 and hour and relies on tips to survive, that'll drive the wage numbers down.      New stats show that in SC, counties average about 14% manufacturing jobs...but Horry County only has about 4%.    That'll drive the the wage numbers down.       We need to continue to court manufacturers into the area with their higher-paying jobs in tow..     It won't be a short-term process, but hopefully something that will happen.      We've spent 4 years at the bottom of the wage barrel...and that's enough.

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