Feb 18, 2013 -- 12:55pm

Yesterday's suicide of Mindy McCready may not have affected you too much, because most of you probably don't know who she is.    A lot of you who DO know her, probably remember seeing her mugshot on those entertainment magazine shows or seeing her sad life story play out on national TV.     Even fewer of you probably remember that she had a string of Country hits in the late 90s, which catapulted her into the spotlight.      I'd say that her life was a roller-coaster, but a roller-coaster has ups AND downs.      After her career took off, it was nothing but downs from there on out: beaten by men, drug and alcohol problems, at least 4 unsuccessful suicide attempts.      At 37, despite having a 9-month old and a 7 year old son, Mindy tried suicide again and this time suceeded...killing herself on the same porch where her boyfriend and baby-daddy killed himself just 1 month ago.       When she first hit the scene in 1996, one of my co-workers was enamoured with Mindy McCready...young, talented, beautiful and full of promise.     Too bad the promise wasn't kept.

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