DOMA goes down

Jun 27, 2013 -- 11:03am

Listen, I know we live in a very red state, so most of you are probably pretty bummed about yesterday's Supreme Court decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act and essentially rule that same-sex marriage in California should resume.    I've said on the air for years why I think same-sex marriage should be legalized, so let me take this opportunity to reiterate why I feel the way I do and why I feel the SCOTUS made the right decision yesterday.     Number 1 - being gay is NOT a choice.    When you're born, most are straight, some are gay, a few are bisexual and there are a few other options, too.      True, there are a handful that may choose the lifestyle after being abused at an early age, but that's obviously more rare.     And since it's not a choice, everyone should be afforded the same rights, plain and simple.      Mostly it comes down to boring legalities, such as being able to file income taxes jointly, getting government benefits or visiting a sick 'spouse' in the hospital...but if you're the one having those rights withheld, it's not boring to you.     Second - it's NOT a religious issue.     Everything about marriage is run by the government, not the church.....the age you must be to consent, getting a license, who has to officiate and where the ceremony is held.    None of those have to be done thru the church...and as far as the age of consent or the license, they CAN'T be done thru the church.     The main thing is....unless you are gay or know someone who is, this ruling doesn't affet you one iota.     Roving bands of pastel-wearing men aren't going to be running through your neighborhood, forcing you to do things against your will.      The marriage you had yesterday is going to be the same marriage you have tomorrow.     No difference, no effect.   The only difference is that there are a few more people in this country who will have the same option you had to get married.       They have the same rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that a few good men wrote about a couple centuries ago.

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