Christians and Gay Marriage

Jun 27, 2013 -- 8:32am

I have a really hard time debating gay marriage live on the air. I sat down last night for two hours watching online sermons, praying and debating with my husband and reading my Bible. Here's the struggle I'm having with yesterday's DOMA ruling. As a Christian, I am called to love everyone unconditionally. To not judge others as we are all sinners. On the flip side, in the Bible (Matthew 19:4 -19:6) states that God created us male and female and the man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife and they shall become one. I believe God intended us to be heterosexual in terms of the institution of marriage.

I think I'm nervous to say what I believe on the air for fear that I will be considered hateful and a bigot. But I'm basing my opinions according to my personal moral compass - so why am I attacked by society for my personal belief? Yes, I want all people to be happy - we all are of immense worth in the eyes of God - but I have to stand for what I believe is right.

To continue to speak biblically, let's go back to the Garden of Eden when Satan was empowered through our agreement with him. That's why Satan couldn't just come and take over the garden...Satan had to get Adam and Eve to agree with him. Just a thought.

Some of the thoughts that I formed to use this morning I got from two great Christian sites -- one, a blog called "Why do you hate the gays?" The other from a video my former pastor, Bob Merritt, in Minnesota posted. He preaches at Eagle Brook Church. I appreciate EBC's response to gay marriage/homosexuality. It is all about the authority over a person's life. I think this question has been repeatedly handle with love, but at the same time, a very firm understanding of where the church stands is important.

Check out the sermon and the blog for yourself - they are listed below:

My favorite pastoral quote I've seen today on this issue: "If your faith rests on your own opinion then confidence is arrogance. But if your faith rests on God's word, then uncertainty is arrogance and confidence is humility." -Pastor Brad Wetherell, The Orchard 



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