Miss Utah Has Brain Freeze.....But What A Beautiful Brain.....

Jun 19, 2013 -- 7:31am

...and the rest of her ain't bad either! But in all seriousness, Miss Utah had a "brain freeze" during the Miss USA competition on Sunday evening. When asked a question about fair pay for women, 21-year old Miss Utah, Marissa Powell, did what happens to so many of us in less glamorous situations. She totally blanked. She had "brain freeze".  A professor at the University of Chicago,Sian Beilock, wrote a book about the "brain freeze" phenomenon called "Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting it Right When You Have To".  Basically, she uses a metaphor to explain what happened to Miss Utah when she froze up and fell all over herself. When there are too many programs running on your computer, it becomes sluggish and confused.  Our brains work the same way, too. Miss Utah may have been thinking about how she performed on other categories or what may have been still to come later in the night.  When all eyes (or ears) are on us, it makes us stumble on our words. Please remember that the next time one of us sounds like Miss Utah......;-)

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