DMV......the new NSA?

Jun 17, 2013 -- 11:34am

An electronics company in SC has unveiled a new electronic license plate for your car, or an e-tag, that they say will improve traffic safety.    The plate will be hooked up to the DMV so if you've got a suspended license or if your insurance has lapsed, instead of your tag number, the plate would flash words like "SUSPENDED" or 'UNINSURED" for the whole world to see...along with the police.     DMV officials say they lose as much as 150 million dollars a year in SC alone because of people driving without insurance or with expired tags.     Also, if your car is stolen, it would alert police to that as well.     Now, many of you are thinking what I first thought: if the DMV would be able to find your tag and put out signals on it, wouldn't they be able to track your car with the same technology much like a GPS?      Well, according to the company that makes these tags, it would take court orders from 3 different agencies to be able to do that, since it's against the law.     In other words, "we COULD do it, but we can't do it legally."    Isn't that what the government told us about the warrentless wiretaps and the other NSA snooping.      They COULD listen in to any phone call or read any e-mail, but they don't.     At least they told us they don't.      

Oh, one more thing about the DMV....I had to go to the MB office a couple of weeks back to get a new tag and a new license.   In years past, that would have cost me 3-4 hours of waiting in lines and filling out all sorts of paperwork.     I was in and out in less than 12 minutes.   A couple of years ago state officials visited every DMV office in the SC and tried to come up with a more effecient way to do things.    They did!       Congrats to whoever streamlined the seems to be working!

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