Another Washington Scandal?

Jun 06, 2013 -- 10:23am

President Obama might have another scandal on his hands.  A newspaper in the UK just published a top secret court document that orders Verizon to turn over millions of phone records to the National Security Agency both international and domestic calls. They're not even looking for people they're suspicious about. They just want records of everyone's calls.

Newt Gingrich spoke yesterday about the government forcing Verizon to turn over phone records, even for people that aren't under any suspicion. Turns out he's in favor, at least in some cases. I don't agree with that. He says it should only be allowed if it helps to fight terrorism. I can agree with this statement...however, it doesn't seem like that's the reason behind it at all - if that was the case they would be focusing on "suspicious" phone calls.

Some say this is all OK and even allowed under the Patriot Act. What do you think? Here's what I think - this is a huge invasion of privacy and it seems everyday I'm more and more concerned with the way this administration is running - or should I say ruining - this country.


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