choosing sides is sometimes hard

Jun 04, 2013 -- 12:59pm

I hate politics.   I've said it several times and will keep saying it.   I dislike the pure hatred that Conservatives have for Liberals and vice versa.   Some people can have civilized political discussions, but mostly I see it turning to name-calling, lies and mud-slinging....from both sides.    I'm one of those people who wish that politicians would put politics aside and work for the good of their constituents....ALL of their constituents, not just the ones who donated money to their campaigns.     But recently there have been a couple of issues where it's not so easy to choose sides.      One is with the IRS scandal.     It's easy to say the IRS shouldn't have been targeting conservative groups (and I agree, they should have), but where was the outrage when the same agency was targeting the NAACP under President Bush a few years back.    And.....the conservative groups don't like the idea of being profiled...but there seems to be plenty of people on the Right that think people of Middle-Eastern descent should get extra scrutiny at the airports....or it's okay for Sherrif Joe Arpaio to pull someone over in Arizona just because they're brown.   That's profiling too.     The other issue is the latest ruling from the Supreme Court.     The justices ruled 5-4 that it's okay for police to take DNA swabs from anyone charged (not convicted) of a serious crime and that they can keep those swabs as part of a national database.     Some people argue that this is a violation of the 4th amendment against unreasonable search and seizure.     One of the dissenters to the ruling is probably the most conservative person on the bench....Antonin Scalia.   He sided with the 3 women...the most liberal of the 9.  Which side do conservatives fall on with this issue?     Most have argued that a national database, like a national gun registry, is over-stepping the government's bounds.    Most have argued that government has gotten to big and too invasive.   Most have argued that once you give the government an inch, that Big Brother will take that opportunity and it goes into the 'slippery slope' arguement.    So....where do you come down?     You can let us know on our poll on this website.      It's good to see an issue where you actually have to think about the issue, instead of whether it's simply liberal or conservative.    So...start thinking!

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