I Still Have A Chance....

May 16, 2013 -- 8:53am

...to win the Powerball ! Although nobody (including me) won the Powerball last night, the good news is that someone or "somebodies" most likely will hit it BIG this Saturday! The estimated jackpot this weekend is around 500 MILLION bucks! If, er, I mean, WHEN I win the lottery, I have planned out EXACTLY what I will do with my new found wealth! One million each to the Amreican Cancer Society, The American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, and the March Of Dimes; One million to the schools my kids attended, 10 million to my mom, sister, brother, and in-laws, pay off all my debt, stash about 10 million, buy the biggest, baddest, state of the art RV to drive all over the USA, and give the rest of it to my kids! So when I win this weekend, there will be NO DOUBT what my plans are.....:-)

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