Tot Mayor In My Home State of MN

May 13, 2013 -- 10:30am

There's a lot of things I know about Minnesota. I grew up there - it's home. But even I haven't heard of Dorset, Minnesota. It's a TINY town in central Minnesota with only 22 residents. But this is going to get them on the map. The new mayor of Dorset is a FOUR-YEAR-OLD. His name is Robert "Bobbie" Tufts, and obviously he's the youngest mayor in the country. Dorset doesn't hold elections for mayor - they just put everyone's name in a hat and pick out the mayor for the year. And this year, Bobbie won. It's not entirely clear what his job duties are as mayor...we're guessing it's just a few public appearances and nothing else. Yes, this little tot mayor is random and very young...but it could be worse...Retha Pierce could be your mayor (oh, poor Atlantic Beach). I think this little guy has more common sense than she does...just sayin'.


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