What Will H L N Promote Now That Their #1 Show Has Been "Cancelled" ?

May 09, 2013 -- 8:48am

For the past 4 months, Headline News Network has been offering it's viewers a "reality" show that didn't hardly cost the network a thing to produce and air. It was called "The Jodi Arias Trial". It starred a now CONVICTED murderer, portrayed by the young "damsel in distress" Ms. Arias. HLN promoted this trial with more zeal than Fox promotes "American Idol" or CBS promotes "Survivor" ! Now that this murderer is going to check into the "crossbar hotel" for an extended stay there is a HUGE hole in HLN's programming schedule. So what will they replace their ace in the "hole" (pun intended) with? Perhaps the Michael Jackson trial? Maybe the impending media circus that will surround the Cleveland kidnapping saga? Or, they might assemble an all-star panel of experts who will discuss the affects of Mickey Mouse on modern American literature......

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