Toronto - Day 1

May 07, 2013 -- 10:33am

I don't know where to start to describe the amazing weekend me and the hubby spent in Toronto. We did so much in the day and half we were away that I'm going to do a week-long blog on our less than two-day trip.

First, can I just say how proud I am of our new Myrtle Beach International Airport terminal? Impressive! As we were parking the car in the long-term parking lot - an attendant in a golf cart (in true Myrtle Beach fashion) offered to give us a ride to the door as it was raining. Nice touch! The brand new facility is gorgeous and easy to navigate. And the staff is friendlier than ever - what a great display of our Southern hospitality to visitors!

Our flight from Myrtle Beach to Niagara Falls was under two hours and the entire travel process was less than three hours. We landed at the equally as impressive Niagara Falls terminal (which is also brand new) and picked up our rental car. We were off! The drive to Toronto is beautiful as you coast up along Lake Ontario. If you have time - tour the wineries along the way. We did not because of time contraints - but I want to go back and try the ICE wine that the area is famous for producing.

As we entered Toronto, the city reminded me of a Chicago or Milwaukee. Very clean - great views - and BIG! I'm told that the latest census data shows Toronto is bigger than Chicago with about 2.8 million residents as of last July. And the city is growing, fast!

Three words come to mind after exploring this great city. Clean. Cultural. Cutting Edge. I will dig deeper into those words as the week unfolds.

Tomorrow...I will take you on the adventures we shared...hitting all the high notes.

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