Kristine Takes On...Toronto!

May 02, 2013 -- 8:06am

There's another option for those wanting to travel in and out of Myrtle Beach starting today! Canada based WestJet Airlines will start its new, non-stop, seasonal flights to and from Toronto beginning this morning. The flights will operate on Thursdays and Sundays until late October...and for great, low prices!

The WestJet flight was full went I went to go book (great sign!) so I'm taking the Spirit Airlines flight into Niagara Falls/Toronto Area this Saturday and exploring the cities until Monday. I can't wait to go see Toronto - I've never been! And as I'm reasearching what to see and do -I'm quickly realizing that two days isn't nearly enough time to see all there is to experience! But I'm so excited and I will be sure to share with you what we decide on seeing to help you navigate through the area should you decide to go yourself.

Also, speaking of Spirit Airlines - it will start flying to two additional destinations from Myrtle Beach this week - flying to and from Philadelphia and Baltimore-Washington.  

"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before." -- Dalai Lama

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