Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen

May 01, 2013 -- 10:26am

According to a new survey, most guys are no help in the kitchen. Only one out of every nine family meals are cooked by a man which means that guys help out with less than one dinner a week (it's way less in our house). The main reason guys don't help out more in the kitchen is because a large number of them don't know how to cook. One in three guys only know how to make three different dishes with spaghetti being their go-to meal. And one in 10 guys don't know how to cook anything (I'm not saying these facts...the study lists them). It doesn't look like things are changing any time soon. Younger guys are almost as bad at cooking as the older in eight guys under age 25 say they don't know how to cook a single meal.

But that's alright...I enjoy being in the kitchen and my hubby takes care of his fair share of mowing the grass. Something I prefer not to do. Maybe this goes to show that we fall into our gender roles subconciously.

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