Sports Tourism In Myrtle Beach Is A Home Run !

Apr 24, 2013 -- 8:26am

According to Myrtle Beach City Manager Tom Leith, he told us this morning on our show that Sports Tourism is definitely on the rise here on the Grand Strand. And I can tell you that during the bulk of the year, he is absolutely right!  I always seem to run into youth baseball teams en masse at local restaurants. We see gaggles of giddy girls attending Cheerleading competitions nearly year round at the Convention Center. The Bi-Lo Myrtle Beach Marathon has turned into a staple in our community and one of the best marathons in the country. The Beach Ball Classic has become just that; a classic basketball tournament that draws many of the best high school teams (and their parents) every holiday season. And many other sporting events happen each year that are making Myrtle Beach the place to come for some of the best athletic gatherings in the country! Lace your shoes up and let's continue to support this essential part of our tourism revenue.

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