no sagging allowed

Apr 22, 2013 -- 11:31am

Another government body somewhere felt that they needed to act fast and eradicate the scourge of Western Civilization last week and voted to ban sagging pants.   The commissioners in Terrebonne Parish, LA decided that they were the ultimate last-word when it comes to fashion sense, so they've instituted fines and public service sentences to those unruly thugs who dare to let their underwear show by wearing their jeans around their hips, rather than around their waist.    First of all, let me say that of all the fads and fashions over the past several decades, this is one of the worst-looking and least sensible.    I wish it would go away, too...and it will, just give it time.     When was the last time you saw a leisure suit, elephant bell-bottoms, Neru jackets or acid-washed jeans?   Not recently?    Of course not...people who wore those fashion nightmares grew up and grew out of the need to make a statement with something that upset the establishment.   Face it, that's what drives kids to do what they do.   If if upsets 'the man' it must be cool...let's keep doing it!     I don't see people handing out fines if women wear their tops with most of their bra showing.    There's no difference.   Underwear is underwear people!   It not going to hurt you, I promise.        If their skin is showing, fine, give them a ticket..but unless you're handing out tickets to plumbers, carpenters and construction workers too, there's no way you can justify your actions.      Now, if you start fining old men for wearing black socks with sandals...I'm all in.

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