Ten Updates on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Apr 22, 2013 -- 10:26am

I'm not sure how you could've missed this, but if you did...on Friday night, the FBI and Boston police successfully caught the second suspect from the Boston Marathon bombing, and they got him alive. 19 year old Dzhokhr Tsarnaev was arrested, hospitalized and didn't stabalize until last night. He's been responding to investigator's questions in writing. Here are five facts/updates...

1. Massachusetts doesn't have the death penalty, but the federal government DOES and he COULD face a death sentence in federal court.

2. And here's the detail that's going to lead to a LOT of hindsight. Russia apparently warned the FBI about the older brother a few years ago after he took a trip back to Chechnya but the FBI cleared him.

3. The Massachusetts police released thermal images of the 19-year-old suspect hiding in the boat. It's fascinating to see just how clearly they could make out his heat signature.

4. The boat was owned by 66-year-old David Henneberry and took a LOT of damage. Apparently, people have been sending him money from all over the country to get a new one. His boat was valued around $50,000.

5. The bombers' mother was arrested last year for shoplifting from a Lord & Taylor department store. And the surveillance video from a different Lord & Taylor was used to identify her sons at the Boston Marathon. 

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