What a Tragic Week

Apr 19, 2013 -- 10:16am

As a newscaster I cannot remember a week like this...it doesn't matter how long you're in this business, it never gets easier. The headlines of the week are so tragic and really take a toll on us as a nation. The two big stories, of course, the Boston Marathon bombing and the West, TX fertilizer plant explosion. So much loss of life, so many people severely injured, so many families and friends grieving. I am sending up prayers daily for these individuals and thinking of ways to help those hurting. I feel helpess sitting back and just watching these images on the TV of blood and broken glass without being able to do anything about what I'm seeing. But I will say, it is a good reminder to be thankful for all the blessings in my life. I'm healthy, my family and friends are healthy and I'm not suffering a personal loss. I grieve with those grieving but at the same time I celebrate all of the good God has given me. Remember to give thanks for all you have - especially on a week like this. Have a wonderful weekend and chin up.

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