First doesn't not always equal best

Apr 18, 2013 -- 1:22pm

If you own a baseball team (or in my case, a fantasy baseball team) and you've just finished the season with the best record, that means you're first, but you're not necessarily 'the best' until or unless you win the World Series.   That's how sports is.     You have to be consistantly good through the season and post-season to claim to be the best.     I wish the news media felt that way.     Watching the reporting from Boston yesterday was embarassing for anyone even slightly connected to the news.     In their quest to be first with breaking news, CNN didn't bother to check the facts about whether or not a suspect in the marathon bombings actually was arrested or if it was just a rumor.   Turned out to be a rumor, but CNN ran with it for about 3 hours before someone brought them back to reality.   Trouble is, after seeing one network run with this information, others did too.    Still other stations did their own fact-checking and saw that it wasn't true.   So....for several hours, we had some stations reporting untruths, while other networks were reporting that what you're hearing on 'the other guys' isn't real.     That's just damn good, award-winning journalism.      The news stopped being the news.   What was important during that span was whether or not 'we' had this story first or whether or not this story was true or a rumor.    I DO have a degree in journalism, although I consider myslef to be less of a reporter, and more of a 'repeater'.       I haven't 'gathered' news in almost 25 years...but even as rusty as I am, I still think I could do better than those people I was watching yesterday.

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