I Love Texting...But Not This Much!

Apr 17, 2013 -- 10:05am

Remember when people used to complain that all teenagers wanted to do was SLEEP? They've found something WAY more important than that. A new study out of Rhode Island found that the AVERAGE 18-year-old girl spends more time TEXTING than SLEEPING.All of the women in the study were college freshmen. And they spent an average of 12 hours a day texting, going online, and using social networks . . . which is a pretty liberal definition of the term 'texting.' But still, it's clearly a lot more time than they spent sleeping.The study didn't include men.

Wow! Is it just me or is this kind of sad? What ever happened to a good ol' fashioned face-to-face convo! I probably spend 5 minutes a day texting. Geesh!


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