Politicizing tragedy

Apr 16, 2013 -- 11:48am

After watching the aftermath of yesterday's bombings at the Boston marathon, I turned to my wife and told her that I hope it goes at least a day before someone tries to use this event for political gain.     It didn't.     Before the smoke cleared...literally....there were conspiracy theorists saying the US government was behind setting the bombs so they could use it to erode more of our freedoms.     There was the Right saying that Islamofacists were behind it because the current administration wasn't doing enough to stop them.   The Left conjectured that if it was domestic terrorism, it had to be from extreme conservatives.       Then the Obama haters chimed in and wondered why the president didn't use the words 'terrorist' or 'terrorism' in his address?    Does it matter?   Of course it was terrorism...but it's all semantics.    The important thing is that 3 people lost their lives including an 8 year-old there to greet his father as he crossed the finish line.    The important thing is that 170+ people were injured on what was peaceful holiday.    The important thing is that the person, persons or group behind the attack is still on the loose.    After 9/11, everyone marvelled at how quickly the nation came together as one to call themselves Americans, rather than Liberals or Conservatives....Democrats or Republicans.    That lasted several days, if not a few weeks.     Now, we can't go one full day after a tragic event without picking sides and pointing fingers.     

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