Absurdity of the day

Feb 13, 2013 -- 11:48am
A 15 year old female middle school student in Utah was suspended from her school for coloring her hair. A color the principal said was not natural. AUBURN !!! Not green, purple, blue, fluorscent pink, or zebra striped, but AUBURN!!! OMG ! I don' think that those colors really look very good on a CLOWN, let alone a student. But how about we focus on something more meaningful, Mr. Principal, like trying to keep our kids in school to learn!!! This girl wanted back in school so badly that she washed her hair for 4 days in order to try to tone the AUBURN down to meet the approval of the VERY uptight school administrator ( even while her mother said not to). RI-DIC-U-LOUS !!!! I might color my hair fluorscent pink or zebra striped.......if I had hair to color........;-) 

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