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Tiger Really Dropped The Ball At The Masters.....

Apr 15, 2013 -- 7:43am

About six feet from where he should have dropped it! OOOPS!!! After his approach shot on the 15th hole at the Masters on Friday hit the pin and bounced into the water, he had a decision to make. And he decided to drop the ball as close to the original spot where he hit the previous shot from. However, a TV viewer (so the Augusta officials say) noticed that the drop landed about 2 yards away from where Tiger's 1st shot was. The divot from the first shot and the second shot were VERY noticeable on the video replay. And Tiger ADMITTED he dropped the ball about 6 feet behind the first spot so he would have a better shot. The PGA gave him a 2 stroke penalty the next day. Many say they should have disqualified him. Some even suggested that Tiger withdraw from the tournament.  If you think CBS and Augusta National were gonna let their cash cow be DQ'ed or withdraw becasue of a questionable ball drop, you are the one who has dropped the ball.....

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