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When can we talk about it?

For weeks after Las Vegas and 58 people killed, nearly 500 injured, it was too early to talk about gun control and restrictions.

Less than 5 weeks later…since we couldn’t talk about it…another 26 killed and 20 injured in Texas.

Still can’t talk about it?     Yep, that’s what I thought.

I’m not a gun person, but I’m not trying to take away your legal guns that you have for protection or hunting.   I just want people to be able to talk about smart, common-sense legislation that might, one day, keep the next mass-shooting from happening.     Yeah, I know, you’ve already flipped me off and sent extra money to the NRA to make sure liberals like me to take your guns from you.    But let me ask you this?   Do you think 13 year-olds should be able to buy guns?     How about bazookas and flame-throwers?     Should fully-automatic machine guns be available over the counter?    Should waiting periods and background checks be done away with?      Okay, we agree on some things.   At one time, those things were all legal or not part of our laws.   Over time, people saw that some rules and laws needed to be put into place to make us all a little bit safer.    So, since we agree on the fact that some rules and laws are okay to keep America safe, why can’t we agree that a few more might still make America even more safe, while still not infringing on your rights to have as many guns as you can physically own.    The vast majority of Americans agree that background checks should be mandatory.    Not the NRA.     Gun Show loopholes.   Nope, those are fine too.     Silencers, equipment to make guns fully-automatic….sure, keep ’em legal.     There are so many common sense regulations and laws that could be passed…..but as long as everyone has as many guns as they want, why should I care if dozens of people get mowed down…nobody else apparently does!

I hear the argument….well Dave, a bad guy intent on killing will find a way to get that gun illegally if he can’t buy it legally.     Maybe.    But also he has to jump through a lot more hoops to get that gun illegally and runs the chance of being caught in the process.     The more hoops someone has to jump through, the less chance there is that he’ll be successful.   It’s a pure numbers game.

I also hear, well Dave, if a bad guy can’t get a gun to kill with, he’ll find another way.   Maybe.     Let’s take Texas.     If the gunman didn’t have a AR-15 to spray the congregation with 450 rounds out of 15 clips and only used a knife or a bat or a rock or a tire iron, he may have killed 2 or 3 before he was subdued.    Not 26.       But again, as long as everyone has all the guns they want, why should anyone care?       Again, it’s a numbers game.    It’s easier to kill lots and lots of people with a gun than it is with a pointed stick, knife or rock.     Sure, someone could rent a truck and run people down on a bike path.    The death toll can mount there pretty quickly.   How about bombs?   Well, having the know-how and getting the materials together are a little harder than buying a gun and cutting loose.   Can’t you see that those things aren’t mutually exclusive.   Just because there are a million ways to kill someone, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make it harder for those killers to follow through.

Plus….well, Dave….even if we had stricter gun laws, it wouldn’t have prevented the event that just happened (and keeps happening).    Maybe.     But it might just prevent the next one from happening.   And the next one.     All I hear is excuses.    Nobody apparently cares about the victims.

After Texas, Trump said if stricter gun laws were in place, ‘hundreds more people would have been killed”.   First of all…hundreds?   Seriously Donnie?      But also, since you were referring to the Good Samaritan who interrupted the gunman with a gun of his own, are you implying that the Samaritan wouldn’t have passed a background check or is mentally unstable, so that he would have been incapable of having a gun?   Because those are the only scenarios where your statement makes sense.

Usually in America, when something bad happens, there’s a reaction to make sure that never happens again.   Roller-coaster accident?   Improve safety and inspection.       Kid dies during football practice?   Increase doctor checkups to look for causes.     Man rents truck and runs over people on bike paths.   Revoke the immigration plan that allowed him in.       Mass shootings.   *crickets*

I thought it was highly ironic that when Trump learned about the Texas shooting, he was in Japan.   Why, because Japan has an average of 10 gun deaths…..PER YEAR!!!!!!!     They have essentially eradicated gun deaths.    10…..PER YEAR!!!      There has to be a place somewhere between Japan’s near-zero death rate….and America’s astronomical rate.   In 2013, 585 Americans died from accidental discharge of a gun…..not to mention the 11-thousand-plus homicides.     But, again, why should I care?   Nobody else apparently does.     This will simply happen again and again.   We have a mass-shooting an average of once a day in the US.   It used to make the headlines when it happened.    Not anymore.    It’s become so commonplace, that the news agencies don’t even pick up those stories anymore.

Do you care?   Nobody else does.


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