as clear as a heavy lead curtain…..

I was told before he took office that Donald Trump would be the most transparent president EVER!  Obviously there must be another person in this world named Donald Trump.

Now I will admit, Trump has a tendency to be almost TOO transparent at times.   How’s that, Dave?     Well, in his ill-advised middle-of-the-night tweetstorms, he sometimes will tell the unvarnished truth, so much so that it contradicts the carefully-crafted narritives put forth by his spokespeople….or they might even contradict his OWN statements.   So at least he’s got that going for him.

How this for transparent?

I could just type the words ‘tax returns’ and call it a day, because his fear of what would be revealed is yooooge.

At his Florida resort, the windows to the press room were covered with black Hefty bags so nobody see him golfing.

He refuses to keep a visitor’s log at his Florida resort, which he calls the ‘winter White House’, so nobody will know what foreign leaders or lobbyists are visiting him.

Same thing at the real White House, even though be sent a mean tweet about Obama doing the same thing.   Funny thing is, Obama did keep a log that included lobbyists, CEOs and other sensitive names, although admittedly there were some names purged for security reasons.

Before he was elected he didn’t release his medical records, although he orchestrated a pseudo-release with Dr Oz…presenting a document from his personal physician declaring Trump to be the most fittest tip-top physical specimen ever to be considered for the presidency….which isn’t really too much of an exageration of the actual report.

Press briefing has been almost non-existant….now they’ve esorted to holding them behind closed doors without cameras or recording equipment.   That’s if Spicer isn’t hiding behind bushes to avoid the press entirely.

Press conferences are at an all-time low…rarer than a minority on the president’s cabinet.     And interviews are only done on his personal state-media propaganda network….Fox.

He refuses to divest himself from his business dealings or let the public know how his holdings are benefitting from foreign governments and visitors.

And just this week the Armed Services Committee voted against letting the public know how much the taxpayers are spedning to send Trump to his own properties for his weekly vacations.

Transparent?     I’d say he doesn’t know the meaning of the word, but that would just be one more on an already long list.

btw…about tweets…    I cringe with embarrassment everytime I hear a respectible newscaster quote a Trump tweet.   It’s like quoting Frankenstein or Tonto.   To fit it in 140 characters, there’s no sentence structure and very few conjuctions or other such unnecessary words.     Instead of hearing flowery quotes from presidents-past like Lincoln or Jefferson, we’re hearing ‘Comey bad man….not good.’      Just think, our children’s children will be able to read these tweets in the Library of Congress one day….unless they deleted in the name of transparency.

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