Bad News on the Doorstep…..

Last week I wrote about ‘fake news’ and how it’s a a clever ploy by Donald Trump to make your followers think that the mean, evil, nasty, dirty, bad hombres in the media are trying to undermine the presidency and the new regime.     This week, I want to dovetail on that just a bit.      Plus, if you didn’t read last week, it’s right below this post in the archives….c’mon, keep up!

Dubbing the press as ‘the opposition party’, or constantly crying ‘fake news’ whenever a paper or other news agency disagrees with you is, first of all, just being petty.   Put on your big boy pants Donald….you’re the president now…act like one.   You’re going to be criticized from all angles.   Every word, every look, every action or in-action you make will be scrutinized over and over again.    If you’re looking for blind praise, look to Fox and Brietbart, they have plenty for you.   Everyone else, not so much.

Is all the criticism warranted?     Honestly, not all of it, but regardless of what you think about the press, they’re there for a reason.     Checks and balances.    That’s what our system of government is all about.     It’s the duty of a free press to make sure that all facets of every story is looked at and reported.     It’s their job to hold officials’ feet to the fire for everything they say and do.     You’ve labeled the media as the bad guys, but if it wasn’t for them, who would check your ‘facts’?      Mr. Trump, if you say something or send a tweet (God help us) and it contains something that’s not true or factual (I know, hard to believe) the press will be all over it because that’s what they get paid to do.    Getting mad at them for pointing out your errors is just petty and small.

You stew over the reporting of the size of your inaugural crowd….the size of your inaugral viewing audience….the size of your popular vote total.   Sound like someone has an obsession with proving things are bigger than the facts uphold.

You can’t change facts by continually saying the facts are wrong or by having your people make up phrases like ‘alternative facts’ to explain why you’re right.      Does the press like you, Mr. Trump?     Probably not, but do you blame them.   You spent the entire campaign talking about how the press was crooked, scum, lying, is out to get you, in a running war with you….and you even said you would look into strengthening libel laws to take power away from the press if they print unflattering reviews of your work.     If I’m in the press pool and you said those things about me you’re damn right I’m going to do all I can to make sure everything sees the light of day, not matter how unflattering.      You call the press the lowest of the low and you don’t excpet them to have a chip on their shoulder when it comes to you?

Ah, but in my opinion, that’s part of the plan…the master plan….and as much as I hate to admit, it’s pretty smart on Trump’s part.      You see, the first thing you do when you want completely, unflinching autonomy is to take over the press.    You probably can’t do that in the US, but you can try to discredit it.     By going head to head with the press, you’ve made them your enemy, and by default, the enemy of all your followers.    Everytime you say something is fake news or a stright out lie, your followers will fall right in line and discount whatever the press has to say….even if it’s the truth or a correction of your ‘alternate facts’.    So even if there’s proof about crowd size….you say it’s a lie…and your followers ignore the facts and believe you.    Brilliant!!!!       So even if the press repeats your own words about the Chinese inventing the ‘climate change hoax’ or that South Korea and Japan should get nukes, all you have to do is deny you ever said it, and your (way less than) half of the country will believe you.     Masterful!!!       Blind devotion can be an awesome power trip!

By doing this, you create a common enemy.    Whenever something bad happens….it’s the fault of the media.    If you’re caught in a lie, the press is out to get you.     You make the followers believe that it’s the press that’s trying to undermine you and in turn, undermine America!!       Kool-aid’s on….drink up!

Most, and I repeat most, journalists hold their positions in very high regard.    They’re willing to go above and beyond to get the story….the whole, true story.      Last year, 74 journalists were killed in pursuit of a story.   74!!!  How many get thrown into jail for not revealing their sources or for going into foreign countries that don’t have a freedom of the press?    Would you be happier if we had a state-run media like North Korea or Russia?     Or do like journalists what can ask the tough questions without fear of reprisal (except for nasty tweets!)?     I don’t want to get my news from my president in 140 characters or less.       I’m not 11 years old anymore.    I want the full story and I want the truth.   At least one side is willing to give that to us.


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