A Day in the Life….

I read the news today…..oh boy.  (that’s not an excited OH BOY! it’s more like a ‘Captain Smith, is that an iceberg up ahead?…. ‘oh boy’…but there’s no punctuation for that.)

I was actually going to write about climate change this week, but as I was going through show prep this morning and looking at the politics pile, it made me see that today was a perfect microcosm of how I see the Trump presidency: lost, chaotic and unprepared to lead.    There were more bad stories about Trump and brewing White House scandals in the news today….one stinking day….than I can remember in 8 years of Obama.    In a previous blog I said that there are so many scandals, gaffes, mistakes and missteps by this president to be able to focus on just one.   They’re so numerous that we gloss over stories that might have sunk any other president…but this is Trump….our standards for disappointment are at an all-time low.   Americans are now like emergency room doctors…we’ve seen the bllod and gore so many times we’re not fazed by it anymore.   We’re jaded.   We’re immune to ineptitude.

Okay, so what’s in today’s pile that made me push climate change until next blog?  Well some are big, some are small, but all point to a pattern that a vocal minority of the country chooses to ignore.     Here’s a taste:

  • In the continuing Russian-meddling investigation, it was revealed that Trump dictated Donnie Junior’s explanation of his meeting with Russians.  That in itself is not surprising, but Trump’s lawyer insisted that Trump had nothing to do with it, plus the letter said it was only about Russian orphans, when we know that Junior knew in advance it was about election info on Hillary.     So they not only lied that the president was involved in that letter, but the content of the letter was a lie.
  • More police agencies from across the country had to distance themselves from Trump’s statements last weekend where he said it was okay to treat suspects rough…and to ‘not be so nice’ to them.    This comes after a few years of public distruct of the police in general so it’s not great PR for the men in blue.
  • Word came out that this president told some of his golfing buddies the other day “that White House is a real dump.”    The current building is 200 years old, drafty and shows its age….but it’s THE WHITE HOUSE!    No building in America symbolizes our country and what it stands for more than the White House.       A dump?   Really?!?   Maybe that’s why he’s spent 29 million dollars of our money going to his properties every weekend instead of staying in DC?
  • A lawsuit was filed yesterday against Fox News.   The filer claims a story written about the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich attributed quotes to him that he never said.    Ultimately the story was pulled and deemed false and Fox printed a retraction.     How does this tie into Trump?   The lawsuit also claims that Fox was keeping the White House in the loop on this story and they prodded Fox to keep pushing the story since it could be embarrasing to the DNC and Hillary….even though the story was totally fabricated.
  • Another military leader is questioning the transgender ban.    Coast Guard commander Paul Zukunft announced he ‘would not break faith’ with the 13 transgender CG members.    We already know Defense Secretary Mattis opposes the move.   Joint Chief’s chairman Dunsford said he wouldn’t impliment the order.  Army Chief of Staff Milley said he only found out about the presidential tweet from the news reports.    Keep in mind, Trump said he made that decision after consulting his military advisors.   Obviously NOT these military advisors.   Who did he consult…a group of teens playing “Call of Duty”?
  • The Boy Scouts refuted a presidential claim.   Trump told the Wall Street Journal that the leader of the Scouts called him after his speech to their jamboree last month to say it was the greatest speech ever given to the scouts.    Nobody in the Boy Scouts knows anything about such a phone call.    In fact, last week, the Chief Scout Executive wrote an open letter apologizing for allowing the partisan, political speech to be a part of the tradionally non-partisan, non-political jamboree.    That’s the defiiniton of a pathalogical liar.   You lie, even though you know what you say can be proven false…and when you’re caught, you double down and keep lying more.    Even about such a trivial thing.   It was the same thing during the campaign when he complained that a debate was going to interfere with Monday Night Football.   He said he talked to the NFL to straighten things out.   No such phone call was made.   Why lie about something so easily checked?     Pathalogical.

Again, some of these issues were bigger that others, but my point is…this is only one day’s worth of BS.   As I said, it points to a pattern, a bigger problem that too many people choose to ignore and make excuses for.   It would be funny if it weren’t so sad…and if it wasn’t our country being dragged down.

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