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Dave's Blog



Race is a tricky issue to talk about.   I still think of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine couldn’t tell if the guy she was dating was black or not.    When the gang was at the diner talking about the issue, they always ended the discussion with “I don’t think we’re supposed to be talking about this” because they were uncomfortable talking about race issues where someone might hear them.   By the way, the guy wasn’t black, but he did think Elaine was Hispanic…but when they figured out they were just a couple of white folks, the decided to hang out at The Gap.    

That’s funny, but it’s a joke about white folks, so you can laugh without fear of reprisal.     What it were an ethnic couple doing a stereotypical ethnic thing?   It might still be funny, but by laughing at it, does that make you racist?    In some eyes, it might.    I’ve contended for years on the air that you can’t insult white men.   Oh, you can, and most sitcoms do….I’m just saying that when white men are made fun of they can’t scream racism or discrimination.   Why?   Because white men have ruled the world for thousands of years, they’ve been the majority and held all the power on most continents that whole time.    So it’s hard to feel discriminated against when you hold all the cards.   That’s why sitcom dads are usually seen as bumbling oafs.     It’s a safe target to pick on.

One of these days, though, race won’t be an issue.    Eventually we won’t hear that this person is the first Latina to do this…or that person is the first black man to do that.    Eventually we’ll just focus on the person rather than the color of their skin.    If a white guy beats up a black guy (or vice versa), everybody automatically thinks it’s a hate crime.     What if the 2 guys were friends but just got into an argument?     They would be fighting like any 2 people of the same race…they just happen to be of different races.   As our culture continues to integrate more and more, we’re going to have more situations where people of different backgrounds are going to interact with one another…and interact as people…not 2 people of different races.

Our President is bi-racial.    He’s half white and half black.    Many people in our society are of mixed-race these days.    Doesn’t bother me in the least, but I do have to ask from a scientific standpoint: how do you determine what you are?    What box do you check when you’re filling out a form and it asks for ‘race’?  Obama is called the first black president and he considers himself to be black, even though it’s only 50%.    A person who is only 1/32 Native American can call themselves a Native even though 31/32 percent of their DNA is of another race.     And then, you remember that president of the NAACP in Spokane, Rachel Dolezal, who said she considered herself to be Black, even though she wasn’t….not even close.   She was an imposter…but was she hurting anyone?   She worked tirelessly on African-American causes, so who cares if she was actually black?

They’ve finally stopped counting how many black or Latino coaches have been in sports, so the next time one is hired, we don’t have to hear how he’s the 18th black man to hold this position.   After a while, some of the other designations we make about someone’s ethnicity will start fading away as well.    It happens little by little.    This week, we’re mourning the loss of 2 TV people from Virginia, gunned down on a live broadcast.    They were white and the shooter was a black former co-worker.    Was it a hate crime because they were of different races or just the act of a disgruntled former employee?     In this case there were some racial overtones but just because something happens between 2 people with different colored skin, it doesn’t mean that race was the driving factor.     We’ll get there…maybe not in my lifetime, but we’ll get there.

Liz's Blog


Whether you get married by a Justice of the Peace or a priest or you just go to city hall... whether you have a reception, go on a honeymoon or get a bite for lunch afterwards... any way you cut it... you are married with a marriage license that's recognized in every state.


Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships stop short of allowing same sex couples marriage rights and it's not recognized across statelines. All they want are equal rights when it comes to marriage rights.  


Call it something else.  "Wife" and "husband" should be reserved for heterosexual marriages.  "Partner" was working all these years for homosexual partners.  "Marriage" for heterosexual couples and "Civil Unions" for homosexual couples.  


Just change the parameters of a Civil Union, and the problem would be solved.  End of story.


It's not about religion.  It's about rights.  It's not about moral decay.  It's about two people that love each other.  


Today's Supreme Court case is about two women who are in love and raising a family together... three kids!  They want to protect their family.  That's far from moral decay.


Whom am I to judge who one loves and why?  I'm not perfect at it either... neither are half the married couples in this great nation.


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