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Dave's Blog



I caught a couple seconds of the Rush Limbaugh program the other day.    He was telling listeners how every story or issue is political and was encouraging his listeners to look at every issue through that spectrum.    I think that’s the root of a lot of our problems in America today.    No, not listening to Limbaugh although the case could be made…but trying to make something out of nothing.   Trying to pick a fight with ‘the other side’ just for the sake of being contrary.

The latest examples both come from the world of the NFL: Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.        You know the back-stories.    The issues at hand are domestic violence and child abuse.     You would think that both issues would be cut-and-dried enough that most reasonable people would be aghast at what both men did and would hope that each would receive reasonable punishment either from the league, the criminal justice system or both.      But no…that’s not how it works in everything-is-political world.     Instead, I hear people say it must have been the woman’s fault for provoking Rice.    I read stories about how ‘my parents whipped me like Peterson when I was a kid and I turned out okay’.      Just because something happened in the past, doesn’t make it right.    Just because you got whipped by a spoon, ruler, belt, switch or hand, doesn’t mean that we can’t advance and find a different way to discipline our kids today.      There were lots of things around in generations past that we thought were fine, but later found out, not so much…like asbestos, lead paint, smoking and drinking during pregnancy, blood-letting.      

But people still try to play the political card.   I heard a Fox News analyst talking about Ray Rice, saying “…the anti-testicular police are coming out and taking this guy’s (testes) and ripping them off…”.     Really?    I guess since we’re against Ray Rice knocking women out, we’re diminishing his manhood?    Oh, and did I mention that analyst was a woman?       Then on Fox and Friends, 2 of the hosts discussing Rice’s elevator incident said the message is, “take the stairs”.     The other replied, “when you’re in an elevator, there’s a camera.”      Really?       That’ll stop domestic violence in its tracks.

People have argued that the liberals are using these incidents to push their message.    If the message is ‘don’t hit women’ and ‘don’t beat your children bloody” then I’ll accept that.    If this is a political argument as you say, they you must have a contrary position on hitting women and beating children.    Is that the position you want, just for the sake of argument?

In our history, beating one’s wife or girlfriend was ignored, if not expected.   Beating your child to keep them in line was the norm.     Our nation was built on people learning from the past…taking the good things and making sure they live on, while weeding out the bad, making sure they wither and die.      This is just part of the on-going weeding out process…no politics necessary, just common sense.

Liz's Blog


I will always acknowledge this day... September 11th... I will never, ever forget.

But, I find it hard to emotionally go back there so I avoid memorial services.  It's not because I don't want to go... it's just because it's too emotional and too raw to go back to the terror I felt that day and for months afterwards.

My family was directly affected by the events and aftermath of that fateful day ... but, thank God, we did not lose any personal family members.

But, still... living in New York those days... was a very dark time.

As we head back into war action against these terrorists again, I just hope and pray that we don't lose any military service men and women.  I know in my heart how necessarry it is that we stomp out and eliminate ISIS, Al Qaeda, whatever... but I always think about the spouses, children and parents of the military and how they must feel when they give their loved one that last kiss and hug before they march off to war torn lands far away.  

I pray for a quick, successful mission on this Patriot Day... and no matter what's going on or not going on in Washington, D.C., I am still a very proud American. 

This country is the most amazing country on the planet and we must lead the world in achieving justice and peace.  We may get it wrong sometimes or maybe it gets messy, but I want to believe that keeping Americans and our interests safe is in the hearts of our military generals and Commander in Chief.  

God Bless America.


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