100 days? Feels like 100 lifetimes….

There used to be a recurring Saturday Night Live sketch that the cast broke out every once in a while….usually when the host that week was African-American…it was called “How’s He Doing?”      The black cast members would sit on a panel and discuss how Obama was doing as president and the host would throw out different outrageous scenarios to see if anything Obama could do would result in losing support from the black community.   Of course, nothing would.   As the sketch went, even if he cheated on Michelle, eliminated healthcare, and it was discovered that he shot Tupac, he wouldn’t lose a single vote.   That was the joke!    Even though the economy was still sluggish at that time and Obama hadn’t fulfilled most of his campaign promises, his supporters were still solidly in his corner despite the fact that any reasonable, objective person could see that you should at least question his effectiveness in the Oval Office.

I’ll be damned if life isn’t imitating art!

This president is approaching the first milestone of his presidency, the first 100 days, and by most accounts it hasn’t been all roses and rainbows.   But a new poll just came out which asked Trump voters if they would vote for him again if given the choice.   96% said ‘yes’.     Of course the president touted this as a great victory but called another poll ‘fake news’ when it said his approval ratings at this point were lower than any president since FDR…even though the poll was done by the same people.   (facepalm)     The SNL skit was meant as a joke, but apparently those within the 96% never saw the show.     They are poof that no matter what this man says, no matter what he tweets, no matter what he does, no matter what promises he goes back on, no matter what issue he flip-flops on….they will stay solidly in his corner.

I realize a good number of people who voted for Trump did so only because he wasn’t named ‘Hillary Clinton’ and that’s fine.     But they keep telling us how he energized the disenfranchised voter with promises of repealing Obamacare immediately.    Building a wall.    Banning Muslins.     None have happened.   As a matter of fact, in his ‘contract with the voter’ for what Trump promised he’d accomplish in the first 100 days, he’s done 10 out of 38.   He wouldn’t even make the major league all-star game with a batting average like that.     And some of the other stances he made of points of on the campaign trail have flip-flopped into oblivion.     NATO was obsolete…now it’s not.     The Export-Import bank needed to go….now it doesn’t.     Attacking Syria would be a mistake and Obama would need Congressional approval if he did….apparently not.     China is a currency manipulator….now they’re not.     I could go on……

I read somewhere that Conservatives are scratching their heads, wondering why Liberals are upset with Trump when he swicthes views on a topic into a more moderate position.   Wouldn’t the Liberals be happy they’re not pushing for a Mexican wall?    One the surface yes, but the reason it makes me mad is that here ytou had a guy who was willing to say anything to anyone depending on if the polling said it was smart to do, just to get their undying devotion.   Then after he gets elected, he flip-flops to a more moderate position…and the people he bamboozled don’t seem to care.    That’s what gets me.     These are the same people who jumped all over Obama about every little thing, but the person they voted for does worse, they don’t care.

If Obama left DC for a couple of days, the mainstream conservative media would be calculating how much money each trip will be costing the American taxpayer.    But Trump is on pace to spend as much in travel expenses IN 1 YEAR as Obama did in 8 years…..but that’s okay….yawn…..crickets.      Hypocrites.

A poll was just released asking Trump supporters who played more golf in their first 90 days, Trump or Obama?    53% said Obama.    Truth is Trump played golf 13 times in the first 90 days…Obama didn’t play at all.       But everytime Obama hit the links, it was a national scandal that this president would be disrespecting the American people this way when he should be focusing on running the government.   Hypocrites.

Yeah, hypocracy is a big pet peeve of mine.     I don’t expect poeple who voted for Trump to all the sudden admit they should have stayed home, voted for someone else in the primary or voted for Clinton, but I would at least like to see some intellectual honesty.    If you took candidates or those in office to task for flip-flopping, then why not now?    If you derided Obama because of golf or vacations or whatever, then you should be even more outraged now.

Why does this make me mad?    At the surface it shows that Trump didn’t have a clue about how government works or what the job entailed.    Under the surface it shows that he was willing to say anything and go to any length to get the job, even if he knew he had no intentions of doing what he promised.

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