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Dave's Blog



If you get a chance to listen to the Hot Talk Morning Show with me and Liz, you know we do segments on technology quite a bit.    There’s always new things to keep up with from computers, to websites, to apps, to phones, to drones….plus studies on how some of these new technologies are affecting the human race.      I try to keep up with all the literature and articles about technology so I can pass along the latest.   The problem is, I am so far behind the tech curve, that I don’t know if I’ll ever get out.   


Did you ever have friends who were fans of some TV show that had a running storyline or narrative, like a soap opera or 24 or the X-Files?      Your friends would tell you how great the show was and how you’re missing out.    You thought about starting to watch the show, but when you did, you realize that you don’t know any of the characters, storylines, relationships or why this person is doing something to that person.   So what happened?   You stopped watching, because trying to get up to speed in the middle of a series, a movie or any kind of fad or movement is hard to do.     That’s how I feel with technology.      


I know the names, the words, the principal players and what the tech is supposed to do….I just don’t know how to do it.   And the more advance it gets, the further behind I get.     Let’s start with phones.    I have a flip phone (actually a slide) so it’s not a smart phone, but I’m thrilled that this latest phone has a full keyboard, as opposed to trying hunt and peck each text on a non-qwerty keypad.     It also has a camera!!!    Last one, not so much.      My wife has a smart phone and tells me all the time that I should get one.     That’s when I turn into my parents.     I come up with all the excuses of why I don’t need one…but the real reason is that I’d be lost until someone sat down…for hours….to explain how everything works.    I don’t have hours.    And I keep falling further behind.       The same story goes for I-pads and mp3 players.     You name it, I don’t have it.     I’d like to, but I always have a handy excuse for not getting something.


I remember everytime I’d go back home to visit with my parents, almost without fail, they’d ask me to go out to their huge gas-guzzling American car and help them program the buttons on their radio.   They figured I was in radio, so I should know how, plus it was one of those technologies that they never kept up with, and thus kept falling further and further behind.     That’s me now.    But one of these days I’ll overcome the fear of looking like the feeble old man and take the plunge on some of the tech I’m missing out on.    Hopefully there’s be some random middle-schooler in the neighborhood I can hire to be my IT guy.

Liz's Blog


I will always acknowledge this day... September 11th... I will never, ever forget.

But, I find it hard to emotionally go back there so I avoid memorial services.  It's not because I don't want to go... it's just because it's too emotional and too raw to go back to the terror I felt that day and for months afterwards.

My family was directly affected by the events and aftermath of that fateful day ... but, thank God, we did not lose any personal family members.

But, still... living in New York those days... was a very dark time.

As we head back into war action against these terrorists again, I just hope and pray that we don't lose any military service men and women.  I know in my heart how necessarry it is that we stomp out and eliminate ISIS, Al Qaeda, whatever... but I always think about the spouses, children and parents of the military and how they must feel when they give their loved one that last kiss and hug before they march off to war torn lands far away.  

I pray for a quick, successful mission on this Patriot Day... and no matter what's going on or not going on in Washington, D.C., I am still a very proud American. 

This country is the most amazing country on the planet and we must lead the world in achieving justice and peace.  We may get it wrong sometimes or maybe it gets messy, but I want to believe that keeping Americans and our interests safe is in the hearts of our military generals and Commander in Chief.  

God Bless America.


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