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Dave's Blog



Bill Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting more than 30 women over the past 40+ years, but police won't move a muscle.    Josh Duggar admitted that he fondled or sexually assaulted 5 underage girls (including 4 of his sisters) back in 2004 when he was 14, but again, he doesn't have to worry about legal action.     Why?    The statute of limitations, that's why.

Now, this blog isn't actually about Mr. Cosby or Josh Duggar, I just use them as examples of what I feel is a bigger travesty of justice......the aforementioned statute of limitations.       (not statue of limitations like Kramer insisted it was).     I always heard that there were only 2 crimes without a time limit...murder and rape.    Apparently there's only one...ask Bill Cosby.      My question is.....why?       Essentially, our legal system tells bad guys that if you can play hide and seek with the police for 3 or 5 or 7 years without getting caught....you don't have to worry about it anymore.      Does the passage of time negate crime?    After a certain amount of time are we supposed to forget that a suspect did something illegal?       Do the sands of time white-wash history, like it never even happened?      Again I ask, why?        I agree that murder shouldn't be forgotten, but why is rape?   Why are other crimes?    They may not be as severe as murder, but they're no less illegal.        

We've been told by the Horry County Police that there is a shortage of detectives.      They need more to be able to investigate crimes properly and get the bad guys behind bars.    So, if we don't have enough cops on the streets and the perp doesn't want to get caught...it sounds like a perfect combination for missing out on the arrest before time expires.      

If everything has an expiration date, why are people still paying their student loans from 30 years ago?    

I can understand that some minor crimes could be forgotten after a several years, but if you do the crime, you should be held responsible to do the time....even after the passage of time.

Liz's Blog


Whether you get married by a Justice of the Peace or a priest or you just go to city hall... whether you have a reception, go on a honeymoon or get a bite for lunch afterwards... any way you cut it... you are married with a marriage license that's recognized in every state.


Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships stop short of allowing same sex couples marriage rights and it's not recognized across statelines. All they want are equal rights when it comes to marriage rights.  


Call it something else.  "Wife" and "husband" should be reserved for heterosexual marriages.  "Partner" was working all these years for homosexual partners.  "Marriage" for heterosexual couples and "Civil Unions" for homosexual couples.  


Just change the parameters of a Civil Union, and the problem would be solved.  End of story.


It's not about religion.  It's about rights.  It's not about moral decay.  It's about two people that love each other.  


Today's Supreme Court case is about two women who are in love and raising a family together... three kids!  They want to protect their family.  That's far from moral decay.


Whom am I to judge who one loves and why?  I'm not perfect at it either... neither are half the married couples in this great nation.


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    This is something I don't find myself saying very often: I agree with Karl Rove.

  • Time to end Israel's impunity

    Last summer, while visiting our family in Shuafat, a neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, my son Tariq was chased, zip-tied, and beaten unconscious by Israeli police officers as he watched a protest. The protest was in response to the kidnapping and killing of his 16-year-old friend and cousin, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, by Israeli settlers the day before.