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Dave's Blog



This past weekend,we were looking at the possibility of another Waco happening in Nevada.      A cattle rancher had a dispute with the federal government over what land his cows were grazing on.   The Feds say it was their land and he owes them money, while he says he doesn't recognize the feds and their authority in this matter.   After several hundred of the rancher's well-armed friends gathered for a showdown with the Feds, blocking the highway for miles, the government officials decided to back down rather than force the issue.       Anti-government types cheered....but then again, so did anti-Obama types.      Would you have been cheering if it were Bush in the White House and the ranchers were thumbing their nose at a GOP president?      They would have done the same thing because ALL government is bad in their opinion.  

Some people liken what just happened in Nevada to our founding fathers, rebelling against the tyrannical oppression of the British government.    Those people have started their own movement called 'soverign citizens".    They don't feel as though US laws apply to them....everything from land deals to paying taxes.    Are these people resolute in their beliefs....or are they just looking for a way to stir things up.      It doesn't matter how idyllic a society is, there are going to be some people who don't like how things are run, and want to see them changed or abolished.     Most society's can handle dissenters, but when does it turn from good honest difference of opinion...into revolution?     It did in 1775.      I don't believe we're heading back in that direction right now, but it does worry me how many people feel that they are above the law and want to separate themselves from society....fully stocked with supplies and lots of guns.        I hear the cries all the time, "...if you don't like it, move."     Well, that would be my advice to everyone who wants to form their own compounds and put down their country.      If you hate it so much, why are you still here?     Go somewhere else....plenty of globe to choose from.

Liz's Blog


    Had an amazing flight on West Jet ... on it's inaugural non-stop flight to Toronto on March 6th.  Just an hour and 40 minutes total to get to this beautiful coastal community.

    Such a fantastic place to visit... Great sites, including Niagra Falls and the nearby casinos.


    For an awesome tour, visit www.genovatours.com to see all the different walking and van tours Bill Genova offers there.  He is a lifelong resident of Toronto, great to spend the day with and incredibly knowledeable.  Bill helped me gettng a good sense about Toronto... past and present... including its connections with the Confederacy and Slavery.

    I went to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto and had dinner atop the revolving restaurant at the Skylon Tower in Niagra Falls.

    Great restaurants and eateries, too... but don't miss a visit to Carousel Bakery in the St. Lawrence Market.  The most delicious Candian breakfasts and desserts :)  The market is packed with all sorts of other foods and unique items.

    I also had lunch in an authentic Chinese restaurant there... in one of six Chinatown neighborhoods in Toronto.  Did you know that Chinese is the #2 language in Toronto? 

    Facebook me if you need any advice or direction about visiting Toronto.  It must be beautiful to see in the summer!




  • Radio traffic may answer questions

    Passengers couldn't board lifeboats as the ferry had listed too much, a crew member said, according to a transcript released today.

  • Malaysia plane turns back, lands safely

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 192, which was headed to Bangalore, India, has turned around and is returning to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the airline said Sunday on Twitter.

  • New portrait of the Queen released

    Here's a look at the life of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of her other Realms and Territories and Head of the Commonwealth of Nations.