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A bill is making its way through the SC legislature that would put the Governor and Lt. Governor on the same ticket (much like President and Vice-President) instead of voting on them separately, which is how we’ve always done it.    I think it’s a no-brainer.   The way it is, you have the possibility of electing 2 people from different parties…although in SC, electing a Democrat to anything is pretty far-fetched.

I think this is just a start to what we should be doing with our Constitutional officers.   I think most, if not all should be taken out of the public’s hands and put into the hands of the Governor.   

Now, there are pitfalls to allowing the Governor to have this appointment power, such as paying off favors to big donars and avid supporter or giving positions to your cronies.    Will that happen?   Probably to a degree.     But that’s how we handle it Federally….the President gets his or her picks of Secretary of State, Treasurer, Defense, Education, etc.    Why?   Because most of these are positions require a specific skill-set and the average voter doesn’t know which candidate possesses those skills.   This isn’t a knock on SC voters….I’m saying even the most educated voter wouldn’t know who’s the best person for Agriculture Secretary of Adjutant General.   

Do you even know what the Adjutant General does?    No?    He’s the leader of the SC National guard.   Kind of an important job, but instead of garnering that job through merit and hard work, it comes down to popularity contest and who has the most money to buy the most yard signs.    Or maybe your name appears first alphabetically.    Or your name sounds friendlier.     Whatever the case, it’s too important to be left to the whim of the voting public.    That’s why I’m happy they changed the rules for this position at least, and starting in 2019, it WILL be appointed by the Governor.

But what about Comptroller General, Secretary of State, Attorney General or Treasurer?    Do you know what the specific duties of those offices are?   Nobody else does either, yet it’s up to us to pick a winner based on almost no knowledge of the position or its requirements.     I hate cronyism as much as the next guy, but at least appointees would have to be confirmed by the legislature, so there would be a checks and balances system in place to keep the Governor from loading the offices with unqualified people.

I totally believe in democracy and the ability to vote in and vote out the representatives we want (but don’t get me started on the Electoral College…I’ll rail against that later this year).   However, there are certain things we, as an electorate, aren’t qualified to do.   One of those things would filling the SC Constitutional offices.   Time to let Columbia choose.